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Ninety nine percent of the time, the citing officer will spell the person's name cited on the traffic ticket in ALL CAPS. Even in the rare case where the officer writes the name of the person he is citing in upper and lower case lettering, that person's name always appear in ALL CAPS on the court docket. So, the state will still list your legal fiction or artificial person as the person charged in the case.

Have you ever noticed that on all official government documents your name is always spelled in ALL CAPS? Your name on your driver's license, your name on your passport, your name on your social security card and your name on your birth certificate are all spelled in ALL CAPS. Does the government just spell your name in ALL CAPS for ease of use, or for clarity, as some claim, or is there more to the why the government uses ALL CAPS to spell your name?

Now, let's consider the name of "JOHN JACOB JINGLEHEIMER SCHMIDT" Is "JOHN JACOB JINGLEHEIMER SCHMIDT" spelled in ALL CAPS the same person as "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" spelled in upper and lower case letters? To know the answer we must first know that a corporation is also legally defined as a "person". Black's Law Dictionary, 7th ed., def. (2): Person An entity (such as a corporation) that is recognized by law as having the rights and duties of a human being.

Black in definition (2), states an all telling and troubling fact by informing us that a corporation is recognized by law as having the rights and duties of a human being. There is a hugh difference between the so called rights of a corporation, or corporate person and the rights of a living flesh and blood person. We as the flesh and blood creations of God the Father above, have a sacred duty unto our Creator to worship and obey Him, and a duty unto Him to help our fellow man. Corporate persons have no such duties imposed upon them. The corporation person has a duty imposed upon it by the secular state that created it.

Flesh and blood persons have unalienable rights granted to them by their Creator, which can never be sold, given away, or contracted away, whereas corporate persons have only inalienable rights, which may be surrendered or transferred without the consent of the one possessing such rights. I purposely digressed from the point of the topic, which is the meaning of your name spelled in ALL CAPS because, this information is so very important for everyone to know.

Now that you know that legally the word person can mean either a flesh and blood person, or a corporate person, how can one determine if "JOHN JACOB JINGLEHEIMER SCHMIDT" is the name of a flesh and blood person, or a corporate person or legal fiction? The best place to start is to look at how the names of corporate persons are spelled by the states that create them. In every instance the name of corporations or corporate persons are recorded by the state in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS! This is the method the state uses to distinguish a state created legal fiction from a flesh and blood person.

Almost from the moment of your birth the state created a legal fiction in your name though your birth certificate. Guess what? Your name is spelled in ALL CAPS on your birth certificate. Over your life time, the state proceeds to trap you into other contracts, so it can attach more and more legal obligations to you via your legal fiction. The driver's license, Social Security card, marriage license, this license and that license, all create a contract with your legal fiction, which the state can freely impose legal duties on and apply penalties for any alleged breaches of contract.

Remember, the legal definition of corporate person tells us that a corporate person has the rights and duties of a human being. Human beings have God given rights or superior rights, so there is no need for any human being to be a corporate person, however it is of great advantage to the state if you are. The state has the legal right to tax and "control" what ever it creates, and so the state has control and authority over corporate persons or legal fictions.

The state creates the artificial you, or CORPORATE PERSON without your knowledge and consent, and then without disclosing this fact to you, holds you accountable for this CORPORATE PERSON. A Legal maxim holds: “He who does not deny, admits.” Following this legal maxim, the courts commit judicial treason against us sovereigns, by taking silent judicial notice that such a contract exists between the state and our legal fictions, finding us guilty on this bases. How is it possible to deny what you never knew existed in the first place? Any court conspiring to conceal the truth, is a court of great moral turpitude and corruption.

You have the God given right to travel and the state has no legal right to restrict or license your right to travel, and that means your right to drive a vehicle, except in the exercise of commerce.

There is a big problem with what the state does to attempt to adhere you to the driver's contract by creating a CORPORATE PERSON in your name by spelling your name in ALL CAPS. The problem is, the state never informed you that it had contractually made you responsible for the CORPORATE PERSON it created in your name without your knowledge. So, the driver's license contract is not a legally enforceable contract, because it is clearly based on intentional fraud and deceit.

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The Ticket Slayer Traffic Court Experience
Having filed all of your Ticket Slayer common law default documents you arrive in traffic court. Generally in larger metropolitan area traffic courts the courtroom will be packed with people there for trial. Relax, you will be there for awhile. Almost always Ticket Slayer customer's cases are the last to be heard, or very close to the last. Do you think maybe the judge doesn't want the herd of 'sheople' anxiously awaiting their turn in traffic court to be sheared to catch on to something? Naw, that couldn't be it ...could it?

The judge should have by the time you get to trial received the documents you filed with the court clerk. But, that does not necessarily mean that he has read them before coming to court. Your hope is that he has. That way the judge has had time to send word to your citing officer that his testimony is not needed in court today. For the sake of brevity here, we will assume that the judge has received and read your documents before coming to court. The vast majority of times the judge has received and read your documents before coming to court. (We cover what to do if judge hasn't received or read your documents in our info provided to you at time of purchase.)

The vast majority of our customers will have their cases dismissed without having to utter a word in court. However, when a judge doesn't read though your documents well before court, then he finds himself in a tough position. The officer will be there and so the judge can not easily just tell him to go home, although a couple of judges have done so after traffic court was in session.

The judge knows that he has a legal duty to dismiss your case because the prosecutor has defaulted, but he can not afford to come right out and admit that he is dismissing your case for this reason. Such an admission would open the state, county, or city to thousands of lawsuits and it would likely bring to an abrupt end to the traffic ticket cash cow machine, and his job.

Ticket Slayer has developed other successful legal strategies for our customers to use to apply additional pressure on judges to dismiss, in cases they should happen to refuse to legally uphold the default. Ticket Slayer is continually working to develop effective reinforcement strategies for the common law default to ensure the highest level of dismissals of our customer's traffic cases.


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