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Riverside, California —
Traffic Court Judge puts it on record!
A California Superior Court judge dismisses the traffic case of a Ticket Slayer customer on the written court record, stating; "Court finds good cause exists to dismiss case due to lack of prosecution." The dismissal of this case was the direct result of the default of the prosecutor.
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Sampling of Customer Testimonials
Amber in Morehead City, NC - Thank you Ticket Slayer your common law default got the prosecutor to ask the judge for dismissal of my traffic ticket. The prosecutor told the judge he was asking for the dismissal because my traffic ticket improperly written.
Bryson in Bakersfield, CA - I drive a delivery truck in downtown Bakersfield, where the cops write traffic tickets like no tomorrow. Ticket Slayer's material successfully got all four of my traffic tickets dismissed that I had gotten over a one year period.
Caprice in Honolulu, Hawaii - A customer told me about Ticket Slayer's money back guaranteed method to get traffic tickets dismissed. I am not quite sure yet why your material works so well, but it certainly did for me.
Jason in San Diego, CA- Your material worked just as you said it would. I got my ticket dismissed without having to say a word in Traffic Court. I had received three traffic tickets in about eighteen months and had two points on my driving record, when I got another traffic ticket. I wasn't eligible for traffic school and I would have lost my driver's license if it had not been for Ticket Slayer. Thank you Ticket Slayer!!!
Mark in San Jose, CA - Thank you Ticket Slayer! You saved me over $500.00 in traffic fines, not to mention how much money you saved me on my insurance rates, which would have gone though the roof had I lost my case. You Common Law Traffic Ticket Default Process worked as promised. I didn't have to say a word in Court. The Judge called my name and said my case was dismissed.
Tim in Austin, TX - Thanks Ticket Slayer! Your common law default slayed my three traffic tickets. I am telling all my family and friends about Ticket Slayer.
Sammy in Clearwater, FL - I was almost the last person in the traffic courtroom to be called up. The judge said to me very seriously, so think this court should dismiss your traffic case? I thought at that moment, boy I am in for a tough battle here. Then he says, well you are going to get your wish, the officer could not be here today. Your case is dismissed.
Charles in Benton Harbor, MI - Thanks Ticket Slayer — case dismissed! I went to court feeling very confident that your common law default process was going to work and my case would be dismissed. It did not take long before I realized that the traffic court judge was taking no prisoners on this day and I did start to worry more and more as this judge declared person after person guilty, except for one lady. I was pretty nervous when the judge finally called my name. He simply said, your case is dismissed without saying why or anything else. I didn't want to tempt fate by asking why he was dismissing, so I just scaddeled out of there as fast as I could.
Shannon in New York City, NY- WOW! The judge didn't bat an eye. She just said that my case was dismissed, and I never had to say a word to the judge.
Carl in Bosie, ID - The judge I had for my traffic trial has a reputation for being an SOB and the day I was in traffic court this judge was certainly living up to his reputation. It was a massacre. Everyone was getting slammed by this judge. I won't kid you, I was plenty nervous when the judge called my name. However, when I stood up, the judge said I am dismissing your case without saying why. The citing officer was sitting right there in court, but the court did not bother to call him to the stand.
Mia, Cleveland, OH - The judge held my case until last. When everyone was out of the courtroom the judge called the officer up to testify. After the officer finished testifying, the judge asked me if I had any questions for the officer. I said that I did not, and I then said my defense is the default of the people as evidenced by the default documents I had filed with the court. The judge sat there doing or saying nothing for a few moments, as if he were contemplating what to do or say, then he smiled and said that my case was dismissed. Thank you ticket slayer! Had I been found guilty, I would have lost my drivers license.
Trenton in Augusta, GA - In the past six or seven years, I have fought three separate traffic tickets in the local traffic court. I lost all them, even the one that I proved to the court was a bogus traffic ticket. With my latest traffic ticket I used your common law default process. I went into traffic court this time, and before I could say a word the judge said that my case was dismissed. I am differently telling my family and friends about my success using the common law default and Ticket Slayer.
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